JPF Ventures provides strategic and operational business assistance to start up, early stage, and middle market high growth businesses:


We develop strategies and plans for companies who are starting, expanding, or growing a business in the U.S. or Global Markets 


We focus on businesses that are primed for rapid expansion


We provide hands on advice and assistance to help prepare for the success of your business

JPF Ventures offers a wide range of hands on assistance designed to support the set-up, growth, and success of your business, including:



  • Planning for growth; including funding opportunities under the American Jobs Act, venture and institutional capital, private investors, and other sources


  • Helping entrepreneurs, management teams, and board members make informed decisions before building a business or investing in the United States or global markets


  • Exporting from and importing to the United States


  • Project Management


  • Strategic goal setting and advice


  • Market research


  • Public listing strategies


  • Providing a direct investment from our Venture Fund for Companies that meet our criteria