Our Managing Principal:

Jeremy Feakins

Jeremy P. Feakins

Chief Executive Officer - Jeremy Feakins has over 30 years-experience in highly successful entrepreneurial ventures. A British born (naturalized US Citizen), Jeremy has led start up and early stage companies from concept through Public Listing in both the US and Europe. From 1990 – 2006, Jeremy was the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Medical Technology & Innovations, Inc. (MTI). Under his leadership, MTI developed and built a microprocessor-based vision-screening device designed to detect early signs of vision disorders in young children. In 1996, he managed the US public listing for MTI and subsequently structured the sale of the rights to the vision-screening device to a major international eyewear company. Jeremy Feakins is the Chairman and CEO of Queen Street Development Partners, a commercial property development company, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He is the founder of the JPF Venture Fund 1, LP, an early stage investment fund focused on Clean/Renewable Energy. Since 2010, Jeremy has served as the Chairman of the Board for Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation. Under Jeremy’s leadership, the Company has secured contracts and agreements to design, build, own, and operate several large-scale utility-grade renewable energy projects in the Caribbean, Pacific Rim, and Africa. He directed the Company’s efforts to attract over $25 million in private equity, negotiate more than $100 million in senior debt project financing, and obtain a listing on the US OTCQB Market. Jeremy Feakins graduated from the UK Defence College of Logistics and Personnel Administration and is a seven-year Veteran of the British Royal Navy.


Edward M. Baer

Chief Financial Officer - Edward M. Baer has more than 30 years of senior financial management experience, beginning his career with Arthur Andersen. From 1971 – 1993, Ed was the Chief Financial Officer of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Cancer Society. From 1993 – 2009, Ed was the Founder and Principal of the Investment Banking firm Marston Group.

Gerald S. Koenig, Esquire

General Counsel and Head of Government Affairs Gerald is a U.S. lawyer with over 25 years of experience in international legal, business and government expertise. He has specialized knowledge and experience in federal contracting, domestic and international government relations, financing and information technology. His previous government experience includes service as a member of President Ronald Reagan’s White House Staff and he has also served as a helicopter pilot with the U.S. Army.