Check Out This Brewery’s Unique Business Model

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By Jess Phillips

four men drinking craft beer


Whoever said art and beer don’t go hand-in hand?

Collective Arts Brewing Ltd.’s unique business model is proving to be one of great success, as they’ve become one of Canada’s top 10 craft brewing companies, the Financial Post reports.

The brewery launched in 2013 and features up-and-coming Canadian artists on their beer labels, giving patrons a treat for the eyes and the palette. “We wanted to help beer drinkers see past the mundane and every day,” Johnston told the Financial Post. Additionally, the exposure is excellent for emerging artists looking to expand their audience reach.

Co-founder Matt Johnston has been in the brewing industry for more than a decade and although is a self-described “terrible musician and artist,” he and his partner, Bob Russell, have a passion for creativity.


Johnston and Russel began reaching out to their contacts in art, music, and public relations and were met with resounding positive interest. The company quickly became a top 10 craft brewer in Ontario’s booming market of over 200 craft brewing brands.

Collective Arts Brewing Ltd. now produces 150,000 cases annually and continues to more than double sales each year. They are looking to expand into the northeastern U.S. this year.