How EcoVillages Could Change The World

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by Jeremy P. Feakins

Our planet today is an ever-changing world consisting of complex weather patterns and environmental issues that must be addressed in order to preserve and develop sustainable solutions. Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation is in the process of doing just that.

EcoVillage is an affordable community harnessing integrated technologies such as fresh water production, agriculture and aquaculture, and much more. These villages are powered by OTEC clean energy to provide comfort and stability for every resident, and are planned for development in the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa.

There are presently three different sets of OTEC pipelines at NELHA in Hawaii delivering deep-seawater from 3,000 foot depths and pristine sea surface water. This process is able to produce many basic human necessities without using fossil fuels, such as seafood, water, fruits and vegetables. Taking this amount of success into consideration, the potential benefits this technology would have in developing countries are enormous.

While EcoVillage is still in development, OTE has made significant progress in the development of these sustainable communities. Recently, the company obtained approval from the U.S. Virgin Islands’ Public Service Commission for the first Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion plant. The company has identified the plots of land and completed the first draft of the facility’s plan.

The main concepts OTE is developing are the relationship between our environment and a contemporary quality of life. Inhabitants of the EcoVillage are provided with clean air, water, and food, and a renewable source of energy. Communities operating alongside nature is the embodiment of true sustainability.

Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTE), Jeremy Feakins, stated, “The threat of a global environmental crisis is upon us. We have to find solutions to live and develop sustainably – in harmony with nature, and to embrace community living and a modern, quality way of life.”

These urban communities are comprised of indigenous materials that are able to withstand extreme weather, and utilize low-cost construction technology to allow for affordable housing. These homes use rough sawn timbers, super insulation, and large glass southern exposures to provide energy efficiency in addition to an alluring visual appeal. In addition, an OTEC plant will supply energy, cooling, and fresh water for drinking, aquaculture, and agriculture. This directly addresses the issues that are so often faced in developing countries: a lack of reliable, affordable electricity, clean water, and plentiful food.

Affordable Communities will also be developed in these areas for the middle class. Yet another benefit of EcoVillage: proceeds from the construction and development of this will go directly to building these lower-priced communities. As stated by Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation, “Each sale of luxury EcoVillage residences will support the development of environmentally responsible affordable communities in tropical and subtropical regions of the world, currently in development.”

The technology incorporated into EcoVillage will include the latest advancements in IT, such as state-of-the-art managed services that come with commercial, home office, and studio facilities in every community. This comes with broad bandwidth or satellite communication links. As an added benefit to the homeowners within EcoVillage and Affordable Communities, OTE’s planning process involves building methods that include the residents themselves, allowing them to participate in their home’s design and construction.

EcoVillage is bound to set the standard for sustainability while balancing the needs of the environment and those of the residents within them. Though it has yet to be fully implemented, the concept and possible advantages that come with EcoVillage should be enough to garner the attention of Venture Capitalists around the world.

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