Life on the Farm

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01abdbe5f293f03854b596d557b65b365d1289567aAs an Entrepreneur, once you have enjoyed some success with a business (or two) that you’ve founded, directed and managed there is nothing quite like splashing out on something really meaningful - like a beautiful 52 acre farm in rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvania USA.

The start up businesses that I’ve been involved with all took many years to reach the kind of success that allowed my wife and I to buy our farm.  But building a business for money is not my motive. As Peter Cohan for Forbes Magazine put it in 2012: “One of the most surprising things I found is that entrepreneurs are not motivated primarily by money”.

It’s true - Entrepreneurs aren’t driven by money. For me, it’s all about meeting the challenges after investing in or starting a business. In the case of my current venture, we have a great business with proven solutions that will improve the lives of millions of impoverished people living in tropical and sub tropical regions of the world.  And this business is tracking just like the other businesses – long hours, a grueling travel schedule and countless hours in meetings persuading people/investors to support our technology that will provide developing countries with affordable, renewable energy while at the same time alleviating the acute shortage of water and a lack of food. Even though the mission of our business is so important, it’s not easy being the company that is first to market with the technology! But that’s the life of an Entrepreneur.018d767b61c19bf1e2de4a9e59542e53022bdc8106

I’m naturally very pleased that my efforts with earlier businesses put me in a position to do something where my long-suffering family can enjoy the fruits of my labor. They have supported me, put up with my extended absences from home, lived through the uncertainty of a start-up business and the rest of it. I always say, behind every successful Entrepreneur there is a strong, supportive wife and family!

My third entrepreneurial venture is possibly more challenging than the other two put together, so its very nice to come ‘home’ to the Farm and relax. It’s a reminder that hard work and perseverance really does pay off.

Even though our kids have grown up, graduated College and left home, they are frequent visitors and love to come home to soak up the beauty and serenity of our Farm. Just take a look at the pictures below and you’ll see what I mean.

America, to entrepreneurs around the world, remains the land of opportunity

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