Living Green Community – OTE Ecovillages Offer Environmentally Friendly Living

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by Morissa Schwartz

Green products, sustainability-conscious diets, and a wider range of choice for vehicles have all offered the average U.S. citizen glimpses at what it looks like to live a greener lifestyle. These options do have a positive impact on the environment. For instance, the movement currently promoting more sustainable meat farming and/or reduction of meat consumption has proven to slow rates of degeneration in coral reefs and other natural environments.

It’s undeniable that making minor changes to destructive western practices is something that must be done. However, for a complete environmental turnaround, people must holistically change the way they live – from the way they eat to the way they consume energy. This lifestyle – which was previously unobtainable unless you had the money to start up your own ecovillage – is now a plausible option for many. Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation has partnered with some of the most talented architects, designers, and builders in the world to build a sustainable living environment capable of transforming communities for the better.

Two Concepts = Big Change

The challenge many green lifestyle advocates face is convincing people that living green can still be luxurious in its own way. The “tiny house” movement, naturists living off-grid, and promoters of commune-based living are the natural faces of low-impact living. It is very clear that these sorts of lifestyles are important and environmentally friendly, but they often promote a more rustic way of living, which may not be for everyone. OTE ecovillages are different in that they combine the luxuries of condo life with ecologically friendly living. These villas are in biologically diverse locations that preserve the natural beauty of the area, provide nutritious food, and continue the use of all the amenities of modern luxury without using fossil fuels. OTE intends to get more people on board with a green future by emphasizing that green does not mean compromise of luxury,

OTE also acknowledges that living green often requires a base minimum of wealth many do not have. While the United States remains one of the world’s biggest polluters, we also know that the largest populations worldwide are at a disadvantage. These demographics often do not have the capital to invest in green living. Empowering these vulnerable populations therefore becomes part of the responsibility of those seeking to live a greener lifestyle. By fostering interest in our wealthier investors, we will use the revenue gained from the sales of our luxury ecovillages to pay for affordable, green housing for those who cannot afford it. Change for environmental sake must be holistic, and it is up to us to make that ideal happen for everyone who wants to play a part.

Construction and Outcome

OTE ecovillages are set to begin construction on a territory in the U.S. Virgin Islands, providing access to ocean-surrounded land where the construction of our oceanic thermal energy plant will begin. We are also planning oceanic communities in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. These communities have all the amenities of popular gated communities – like bike paths, pools, and recreation centers—but they are also prepared with the means to sustain themselves as autonomous communities. Communities can cut down on production and food shipping costs by supporting sustainable local practices and fossil fuel free lifestyles.

Construction is completed using only indigenous materials, but construction also allows those who are purchasing these luxury homes to identify how they want their homes to look and improve upon set designs. Each home is equipped with sustainable clean water – cutting down on the need for filtered or bottled water waste – and thoroughly insulated walls which reduce loss of usable energy. This ecovillage is not designed merely to be a nest of homes, but also as a nexus for local businesses, artists, and those in need of offices. Green living deserves a makeover, and this is what OTE plans to achieve with this construction and the many to come.

For more information on Ocean Thermal Technology, please visit our homepage. Our vision is for a fossil-free future, and we know that with enough interest and dedication, such a vision is possible.