Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion – A Technology Whose Time is Now!

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My Company, Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTE) is currently commercializing the technology so most of the time we support conferences and other opportunities where the technology is discussed. OTE’s Dr. Ted Johnson attended the conference and gave a remarkable presentation. As the University described the technology: “OTEC is a technique for extracting fresh water from salt water while simultaneously extracting renewable energy in the process. OTEC has great potential and very far-reaching positive consequences for application in terms of the supply of fresh water and energy”. Blog Image 07.06.15 copy

As the world’s population grows, many countries will face more severe shortages of food and fresh, disease-free water. Most developing countries are situated in tropical regions and are therefore hit hard by increasing tropical storms and similar weather-based disasters, adding to these problems. OTEC is a tool for sustainable development in developing countries. It is a well-proven technology.

The University has produced a very professional report called ‘OTEC Matters’.  The report describes the OTEC technique, possibilities and the obstacles that hinder its implementation. The editors of the report are Lars Golmen, who is active at the Runde Environmental Centre located in western Norway, and Petter Dessne, who is a Professor at the University of Borås. It’s been a great experience to get to know some of the people at the University of Borås, especially Professor Petter Dessne, who over the years has worked tirelessly to explain the importance of OTEC as a solution to dealing with some of Earth’s greatest challenges.


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