Professionals Share The Best Career Advice They’ve Ever Received

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By Jessica Santini


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Most professionals can trace their success back to a simple word of advice. I remember when my father once told me to always set positive goals.


“Don’t say you can’t, because you can,” he said. “If you believe you can do something, visualize it happening and what you need to do to get there. Then do it. I call this ‘Positive Goal Setting,’” he added before stressing the importance of writing down and prioritizing your daily ‘to-do’ lists.


Based on his professional track record, I decided to heed his advice in both my personal life and my career to great success.


Always one to pay it forward, I interviewed several professionals from all different backgrounds and asked them for the best career advice they’ve ever received. Here’s what they had to say.

“The best career advice I ever got was from my colleague and mentor, Liz Black. She told me, ‘Be nice to every single person because you never know who they are or when you might need them in your career in the future.’ The fashion industry is very small and everybody is connected. A perfect example is when I co-founded Lablld. I returned to my old internship to drop off a press pull. One of the account executives remembered me from years before, so got my first 5 invitations to New York Fashion Week!”

– Nisim Frank, Co-Founder, Lablld

“I have two.


“Write down three things you are going to accomplish everyday as soon as you get into the office. I have been doing this for 10+ years and find it very effective.


David Pachter taught me to ask permission to ask questions. It’s amazing how open people will be when you do them the courtesy of asking first.”

– Robert Henderson, Founder, JumpCrew

“I don’t remember where I first heard or read them, but my two favorite mantras are, ‘Short term sacrifice for long term success,’ and, ‘Every flower must grow through dirt.’ Anytime I feel stressed at work or so bogged down that I can barely see the light, I say either of them as a reminder that I am working hard now so that I can prosper later. It helps really put things in perspective for me.”

-Cassie Muniak, Digital Marketing, Financial Services

“The best business advice I ever received was from a college professor for a Marketing and Tourism course. He said, ‘Find what you love and just go for it.’ It sounds kind of corny, but as a terrified senior about to graduate who didn’t know what was about to come, it was exactly what I needed to hear. I was considering a career path to ‘play it safe,’ but I decided to listen to his advice instead. I went on to pursue digital marketing within the entertainment industry in L.A. – an industry I’ve been passionate about and interested in since I was a kid.”

-Victoria Feakins, Digital Campaign Coordinator, Live Nation

“Our biggest limits are the ones we place on ourselves.”

-Katherine Betteridge, Technical Sourcing Recruiter, Amazon Web Services

“’If you have an idea, go out and make it. Find the cheapest and easiest way to test your idea with potential customers and create a minimum viable product before sinking a lot of money into a crazy, new idea. This way, you can learn if customers will enjoy your idea while assessing their feedback. I’d also recommend reading The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

-Marco Santini, Chief Optimist, INCLUSION Table Tennis,

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