Despite the economic successes of some US inner cities in recent years, elements of poverty remain such as lack of employment opportunities, job training and access to capital for new and expanding businesses.


 JPF Ventures is an early and later stage venture investor. We create venture funds that offer community-minded investors a path to support local businesses. We like to invest in promising enterprises that meet the guidelines of our investment criteria. Our ability to supplement an investment with appropriate management expertise to the companies we invest in will provide for proactive assistance and oversight.

Investment Objective:

JPF Ventures will provide investment capital and leadership to businesses starting or operating in depressed or challenged areas of the US. Business must possess the minimum following qualities:

  • A good management team that can execute
  • A functioning product or compelling, well thought out business plan
  • A proven, eager marketplace

JPF Ventures will invest in companies operating in the technology, renewable energy, water, environmental solutions or socially responsible manufacturing, distribution, service sector industries with a focus on businesses that are primed for rapid expansion if they had the funding.

JPF Ventures may acquire commercial real estate to provide businesses with space to operate, offering fully furnished offices, shared services such as reception, internet service, photocopier/printing, telephone/messaging system and conference and meeting rooms.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2017:

Where possible, we organize our investment alongside government tax or other benefits in mind. Right now, investors who have a capital gain (from the sale of real estate or other assets) can utilize the incentives offered by the  Tax Cuts and Jobs Act‘Opportunity Zone’ (“OZ”) program. The Opportunity Zone program has the potential to become the most impactful federal incentive for equity capital investment program ever enacted. Designed to tap into the country’s vast unrealized corporate and individual capital gains holdings, investors invest their earnings in Opportunity Funds that support new and expanded business activity in low-income areas nationwide and in the US Territories.

Investment Target Companies:

JPF Ventures will seek and capitalize on a perceived excellent market opportunity to invest in revenue or near-revenue generating companies in which the infusion of capital and management expertise would be used to propel their business to revenue and profits at a rapid rate of growth. The targeted business could be an early stage growth company, a worthy expansion stage enterprise, and/or an employee ESOP buyout of a business whose growth has been stifled by superannuated management.



Exit Strategy:

To provide the Fund and its Limited Partners/Investors with a profitable exit strategy, the Fund’s equity investment is coupled with a contingency plan to liquidate our investment once certain predetermined criteria has been met or exceeded.

Market Opportunity:

JPF Ventures leverages a distinctive combination of industry expertise, technical depth, and differentiated experience to deliver the benefits of world-class entrepreneurial and business management to small and medium-sized firms. The Managing Principal of JPF Ventures has a successful track record in accelerating the transition of cutting-edge technologies to commercial markets. JPF Ventures connects investors and markets to new and innovative technology.

A Proven Track Record:

Since 1990, companies founded and assisted by the Principal of JPF Ventures have raised millions of dollars in capital and launched several products and services. These products and services have been developed, marketed and sold to federal, state and local governmental agencies and to customers both large and small. JPF Ventures reach includes the markets of North and South America, Europe, Africa and Central Asia. A particular focus has been taking early-stage companies public on a US/Global Stock Exchange.

Benefits to Investors:

  • A community-minded fund that is focused on local start-up and mature businesses that are primed for rapid expansion, properly vetted by an experienced venture fund team
  • Investor-owned real estate from which we plan to offer leased space and services to our portfolio companies
  • Exit strategy for Investors is agreed with the investee-company at the time of making an investment